Collaborating in World 2.0, Pt. 1

Bryant Galindo
6 min readMay 20, 2020

It’s more important than ever that we prepare for a post-COVID-19 world that collaborates together to solve our problems.

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As I sat at my desk viewing the protests that had engulfed the United States recently, I thought to myself, “When did we start viewing each other as the enemy?”

The anger. The self-righteousness. A virus that had neither allegiance to being Republican or Democrat was suddenly being politicized, freedom and liberation pitted against public health and saving human lives; as if the concepts were understood by the virus itself.

Our moment of unity, unfortunately, would not arrive. That’s evident now. Instead, everyone was getting angrier and more divided than ever, including me.

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I was angry that our country’s leaders were stroking these flames of division.

Angry with the suffering. The hardship. The “us versus them” mentality that was gripping my country, community, and circle of friends.

Where was the commentary honoring the dead?

Where were the calls of unity?

How would we come to remember this time?

With my country de-evolving into madness, it was easy to just be angry and I admit I found myself in that pit too.

Kinda like this guy (except he was protesting the stay-at-home order)

Now, I am usually not an angry person. Whenever I feel anger, I always know there is something deeper going on. So I asked myself, “what’s there?”

Anger always masks a deeper emotion, waiting to be felt by the person.

Challenge the anger to discover what’s beneath it.

Common emotions hidden behind anger include: fear, disappointment, frustration, injustice, hurt, jealousy, rejection…



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