How to Restructure Co-Founder Equity

Bryant Galindo
8 min readNov 9, 2023

Five questions (and a tool) to help make your equity restructuring negotiation easier for everyone involved

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Navigating the complexities of restructuring your co-founder equity can be daunting. You’ll often hit a wall while looking for advice online due to the inherent confidentiality of equity restructuring negotiations.

As a mediator with eight years of experience guiding co-founder teams and business partners through equity realignments, I can attest to the critical nature of discretion in these processes. However, despite each situation’s uniqueness, there are recurring themes and considerations vital to any co-founder team embarking on a negotiation for a new equity arrangement.

In this article, I’ll guide you through five pivotal questions you should ask yourself individually and as a team during any restructuring of your co-founder equity. Drawing from my extensive experience mediating these discussions among startup founders and business owners, I’ll provide insights and resources that bring objectivity to these otherwise complex conversations.

Key Insights

  1. The Five Essential Questions for Equity Restructuring
  • Delve into five critical questions that every founding team should contemplate during equity restructuring conversations.

2. Centering the Dialogue on Value Contribution

  • Direct the discussion toward the business’s needs, emphasizing the past and future contributions each founder has made and will make.

3. Strengthening the Founder Relationship Through the Negotiation

  • Leverage the equity distribution talks as an opportunity to reinforce and enhance the collaborative dynamic among the founders. This process isn’t just about numbers — it’s also about fortifying the team’s unity, motivation, and commitment going forward.

4. A Structured Approach to Equity Negotiations

  • A practical tool tailored assist founders in navigating the negotiation for their new equity split, streamlining discussion and facilitating more equitable outcomes.

1. Why are you restructuring your equity split?



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